We encompass the entire value chain of each project:
from the initial concept to the final product with quality as our premise.

CAD Design

From the intial idea to the final 3D design, we use powerful creation and simulation software for both the final part and manufacturing tools.

CAM Programming

Programming the machining centres, thereby optimising execution times and ensuring the required tolerances.

CNC Machining

Our 5 axis centres enable us to machine complex geometries with high precision.

  • 5 axis
  • 6 x 4 x 2.4m (X, Y, Z)
  • 24.000rpm and 85m/s
  • 5 axis
  • 3.6 x 2.8 x 1.2m (X, Y, Z)
  • 24.000rpm and 80m/s

Lamination of prepreg materials

We combine the most advanced materials and processes to maximise the properties of each part.

KAM’s 1000sqm climatised rooms create the perfect conditions to laminate composites.

Two on-site freezers are used to store raw material and a specialized automated machine is used to cut it, saving time, reducing scrap and achieving high quality results.

Autoclave/Oven Curing

We maintain the strictest control and monitoring of curing processes that have been adapted to even the most demanding of materials.

Autoclave 1: Ø2.7m x 5m, 6.8 bar, 250ºC

Autoclave 2: Ø2.7m x 5m, 8 bar, 180ºC

Autoclave 3: Ø.8m x 2.2m, 6 bar, 150ºC

Surface Treatments



We thoroughly inspect each and every part we manufacture to deliver the highest quality products.

We also have complete control of the entire process with Our ERP system – which give us full traceability of all incoming materials by batch number, curing cycle, time frame and resources invested, until the point of delivery.

3D Scanning

Our Ø2.5m high precision scanner arm ensures that all the measurements and shapes of each tool produced and final parts adhere to our rigorous tolerances.

We can also generate 3D files using reverse engineering.

  • What do we offer
  • CAD Design
  • CAM Programming
  • CNC Machining
  • Lamination of prepreg materials
  • Autoclave/Oven Curing
  • Surface Treatments
  • Quality control
  • 3D Scanning