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Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing

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Extensive experience in different types of parts


Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing produces components in composite materials for a wide range of industries.

Thanks to our technical know-how and with the help of the latest design and manufacturaing technology, each part which KAM produces pushes the limits of perfection.

Founded in 2002


We are a group of passionate engineers and technicians that master all levels of composite engineering and related high tech manufacturing.

Many of us have been working in this field and at this location since 2002. In 2016, we became part of the Koenigsegg group of companies, resulting in rapid and exciting expansion – where we are able to tap into Koenigsegg’s expertise to grow our talents and capabilities.

Given our extensive resources and special skillset, we are equipped and motivated to help out in new advanced and technically challenging development and production programs.

Our scope can range from design or engineering of composite structures and master and tool making, to validation and series production. Working with us means you jump start your program and leapfrog your competition.

Being part of Koenigsegg, we strive in breaking barriers and raising the bar.

Our core value


KAM’s most valuable asset is its team – made up of professionals with wide-ranging experience in Composite component design and production.

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